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MĀLŌ E LELEI PEA MĀLŌ 'E TAU TO E LAVA KI HE 'AHO NI. 'Oku mau talitali lelei kimoutolu ki he lokiako fika 4. KO e ni'ihi eni 'o e fānau kalasi taha 'oku hā [...]

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Welcome to Room 9A

Sharing what we have with school children in Fiji. Sharing what we have with school children in Fiji. Learning part of the Tongan culture through visual art. Displaying of children's new vocabs. Art display Display [...]

By |2023-02-14T12:14:39+13:002nd May 2016|Z2016 Posts|Comments Off on Welcome to Room 9A

Room 9A

Malo e lelei.... Welcome to Room 9A. Our children are busy reducing, reusing and recycling bottles and papers into musical vessels, flowers, paper dolls and photo frames. We also reuse cardboard cylinders by painting them [...]

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Kids writing…..

Story Writing- Room 6B children are writing  about the similarities and differences between the Tongan and New Zealand flag.

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Peer share - Room 6B (Year 1) : Comparing the Tongan and the N Z flag.

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