Pasifika Language Weeks

2022 celebrations!

Rotuman Language Week 2022

Samoan Language Week – Opening ceremony 2022

Samoan Language Week closing ceremony 2022

2021 ONLINE celebrations

We are proud to celebrate the Pasifika languages that our children speak in their homes!

Cook Island Language week Pass the Eikatu!

Sutton Park School SASA challenge! 2021

 SLW shout outs 2021!

Masina Va’aia SLW 2021

Rotuman Language Week 2021

What do our students and staff know?

Cook Island Language Week 2020

Samoan Language Week 2020
Aso Gafua

Aso Lua

Aso Lulu

Aso Tofi

Samoan Art Work – Google Drawing

Aso Faraile

Rotuman Language Week 2020
Ran Lime