29 October 2021

Dear Parents,

  1. End of year tests start on Monday 1 November. All the tests will be on-line and good internet connection is necessary. A quiet place is also very essential. Years 7 and 8 students are encouraged to be at schools for these. Those who come to school to sit the tests are to follow the school’s Covid-19 guidelines.
  1. Students’ school work is uploaded on to the school website. Teachers will teach on-line and will notify students when lessons are.


  1. The school is now safe for students and has processes in place to keep students and staff safe. Staff, parents and adults visiting the school need to be fully vaccinated.


  1. Contractors currently working at school have proper processes to follow. Where they currently work is fenced off, and workers are fully vaccinated.


  1. There is a Question and Answer session on Zoom next Thursday for all parents and students who wish to ask questions of doctors and nurses. There will be three separate sessions; one in Tongan, Samoan, and the third in English. Parents and students are invited to be in these sessions.


  1. The Awhina Group continues to provide some support for families in need. Please contact this group if you do need their service.


  1. The school is preparing to open up for all students on 15 November. Please start preparing the children to start back at school full time. This is subject to confirmation from the Ministry of Education.