Stationery Lists

The stationery list for your child/children will be ready to purchase as of:

Date here


Warehouse Stationery, Manukau Branch

Please refer to your child’s school report to identify the class they will be in next year and to make it easier, below are the classes and room number.

When you go to purchase you just tell them the school (Sutton Park School) and Syndicate (Whenua, Moana, Aorangi and Atea). If your child is in the Bilingual Unit please also let the staff at Warehouse Stationery know.


Room 4: Sia Ua Y1

Room 5: Sia Ua Y2

Room 6B: Sia Ua Y2-3

Room 13A: Mainstream Y1

Room 13B: Mainstream Y1

Room 14: Mainstream Y2

Room 15: Masina Va’aia Y1-2


Room 2: Rumaki Reo Y0-6

Room 9A: Sia Ua Y3-4

Room 6: Sia Ua Y4-5

Room 16: Masina Va’aia Y3-4

Room 20: Mainstream Y2-3

Room 24: Mainstream Y3-4

Room 25: Mainstream Y3-4


Room 7: Sia Ua Y5-6

Room 12: Mainstream Y5-6

Room 13: Mainstream Y5-6

Room 17: Masina Va’aia Y5-6

Room 21: Mainstream Y5-6


Room 8: Sia Ua Y7-8

Room 9: Sia Ua Y7-8

Room 10: Mainstream Y7-8

Room 11: Mainstream Y7-8

Room 11B: Mainstream Y7-8

Room 18: Masina Va’aia Y7-8