Sia Ua Bilingual Unit

The Tongan Bilingual Unit was given the name Sia Ua by Princess Siu’ilikutapu Kalaniuvalu Fotofili, when it was first established.

“Sia” is a Tongan word for weaving or putting together of the fishing net and “Ua” means two. Sia Ua, in this context is used to describe how Tongan and English languages are both used for teaching and learning.

Sia Ua aims to promote high proficiency in two languages by maintaining the Tongan language and using that to promote the acquisition of English. Students become truly bilingual thus achieving academically.

Sia Ua is made up of nine classes, which starts from New Entrants to Year 8.

RoomYear LevelTonganEnglish
4NE – Year 1100%0%
5Year 1100%0%
6BYear 280%20%
6Year 3 – 450%50%
9AYear 5 – 660%40%
7Year 5 – 650% 50%
8Year 7 – 850% 50%
9Year 7 – 850% 50%

Goals of Sia Ua Bilingual Unit

1. Children to use the Tongan language for learning across the curriculum

2. Graduates of Sia Ua to be proficient in Tongan and English

3. Students in Sia Ua to have good understanding of their identity

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Sia Ua Goals

Kau Faiako Sia Ua

Luseane Kaifa
Luseane KaifaKalasi 1 | Loki 4
Simaima Finau
Simaima FinauKalasi 2 | Loki 5
‘Apitanga Kailea Mafi
‘Apitanga Kailea MafiKalasi 2 | Loki 6B
Fiona Filipe
Fiona FilipeKalasi 5-8 | Loki 8
Peta Moungatonga
Peta MoungatongaKalasi 3-4 | loki 6
Alilia Taufa
Alilia Taufa Kalasi 5-6 | Loki 9A
Lineni Paea
Lineni PaeaKalasi 5-6 | Loki 7
Maliana Taufalele
Maliana TaufaleleKalasi 5-8 | loki 9
Lineni Hafoka
Lineni Hafoka
‘Ofa Hausia
‘Ofa Hausia
‘Ofa Lapa
‘Ofa Lapa
Fakaloloma Tau
Fakaloloma Tau