Covid Cases at School

Students with/recovered from covid: 92

Staff with/recovered from Covid: 13

Staff in self isolation: 7

One More Week Well done to those of you self-isolating at home. Most of you will be able to return to normal next week, and I am sure that will be a welcome relief for most of you. We need to continue to be vigilant in keeping OMICRON out of our school. If we stay open all of next week, our school will most likely stay open for the rest of the term.

Monitor the Symptoms Seek medical advice once you have any symptoms. When they are gone, send the children to school and your household back to normal.

Self-Isolation It will only be for 7 days from now on. The end is in sight.

Vaccination: Protection is always best, rather than looking for a cure. The price may be too painful. I recommend that you fully vaccinate your household.

i. South Seas Healthcare have another vaccination event tomorrow, 3pm – 8:30pm, Ōtara Carpark, Newbury Street Side. Ice cream, coffee, sausage sizzle and giveaways will all be available. Walk-ins welcome from 8:30am – 3:30pm..

ii. Tomorrow Saturday 12 March, the Fono is hosting a North Shore Family Vax Drive-Thru at Maria Assumpta Catholic Church, 198 Beach Haven Road, Beach Haven.

Links to more vaccination sites / information: Mobile: 0212506684 276 4560

Please Help Keep Our School Open

As many of you need to go to work, and our students learn better when they are together, I ask you to;

  • o Let us know early when one in your household gets covid.
  • o Keep any child who is unwell at home.
  • o Monitor closely for symptoms, test and seek advice.
  • o Self-isolate for 7 days and follow guidelines.
  • o Visit the school ONLY if you are fully vaccinated

Attendance: It is great to see 30% of our students at school throughout this week. I hope to see more turning up next week. I am looking forward to welcoming back some of our staff and more students.


Contracts for these to be signed and to be taken home. Years 5-8 need to have these for learning, especially for those who are self-isolating at home. There will be strict expectations on having these at home. Parents are to pay for damage and replacement for any part that goes missing from now on.

Learning from home

Students self-isolating are expected to continue learning IF they are well enough to do so. There is work on the school website. Learning packs are also available.

Teaching from home.

Teachers self-isolating because of being a close-contact can teach. Students will be notified when lessons are. Teachers with Covid are not to teach while unwell.

Safe Child Care: Many of you are entitled to compensation if you use SKiDS for looking after the children before and after school. As the cold weather approaches, it is best to have this sorted for parents who need this service. Contact:

Prayers for you in self isolation.

Manuia le fa’aiuga o le vaiaso.