Active Covid Cases at School

Students with covid: 67

Staff with Covid: 09

Staff in self isolation: 20

Self -Isolation

Only the household members of those with covid are to self-isolate. Parents of students in the class will be notified to monitor their children and test if they show symptoms. Those who do not have symptoms and are well can continue to come to school. If your child was in a class with a student identified as having had covid, has no symptoms and is well can return to school next week.


Thinking of you in Self Isolation

Do keep your spirits up and know that we are in this together. I am thinking of you, especially those of you with children infected with covid. It is a worry for any parent and grandparent when children and grandchildren are unwell. We are here to help in any way we can. Contact our Awhina Group when you do need it.


Please Help to Keep Our School Open

As many of you need to go to work, and our students learn better when they are together, I ask you to:


  • Let us know early when anyone in your household gets covid. 
  • Keep any child who is unwell home.
  • Monitor closely for symptoms, test and seek advice.
  • Self-isolate for 10 days and follow guidelines.
  • Come to school ONLY if you are fully vaccinated.


School Closure

The Board of Trustees has approved the school to close ONLY  if it is unsafe for students and staff. The staff will ensure that children can continue to learn from home. In case of a school closure, the school will close for a minimum of 14 days. The Board of Trustees will conduct a review on the tenth day of the closure to decide whether to re-open the school after fourteen days, or extend the closure.


Community Target

If we remain open past Friday 18 March, we will most likely remain open for the whole term. A great community target to aim for. Let us work together.



TOMORROW. 9am-7pm. Northcrest Car Park, Manurewa. First (1st) 300 cars will get a voucher each. Ice cream and sausages for children. Be there early.



Contracts for these to be signed and to be taken home. Years 5-8 need to have these for learning, especially for those who are self-isolating at home. There will be strict expectations on having these at home. Parents are to pay for damage and replacement for any part that goes missing from now on.


Learning from home

Students self-isolating are expected to continue learning IF they are well enough to do so. There is work on the school website. Learning packs are also available. 


Teaching from home.

Teachers self-isolating because of being a close-contact can teach. Students will be notified when lessons are. Teachers with Covid are not to teach while unwell.


Alofa le Atua ma puipui i o outou aiga.