Fun with Measurements

The students were thrilled about doing measurement when they were working within the class/ and with a partner when comparing each other's height and describing who is taller/est or shorter/est. They were capable of working [...]

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Numeral Swat!

We are learning how identify numbers from 1-10.                 We played a fun activity with our new friends and some friends from Room 13A Mrs Ronald called out a [...]

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This term we've been learning our alphabets through many songs. We've also learnt how to write words with short vowel sounds (CVC words) and words that rhyme with it. Litia demonstrates how she writes CVC [...]

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Classroom Treaty

.  .  .     We made a class treaty and learnt about all the things we can do together to make our class great. Our coloured handprints represents our promise we made to make sure our classroom [...]

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