Ma te rongoa araimate….Tui Puipuia Mai le KovitiHuhu Malu’i mei he Vailasi Teletaa′Vaccinate!
Ma te rongoa araimate ka whiwhi oranga koe.

Ma te rongoa araimate ka kore e herea e koe.

Ma te rongoa araimate ka ora koe.

Tikina atu kia rua ngā rongoa araimate.

Tui ia Ōla

Tui ia Sa’oloto

Tui mo le Soifua Lāulelei

Tui uma le Lua

Huhu malu’i  keke mo’ui, 

Huhu malu’i keke tau’atāina, 

Huhu malu’i keke pau’ia,

Ko ia ai, fakahoko fakatou’osi ho ongo huhu malu’i′.

Vaccinate to Live

Vaccinate to be Free

Vaccinate for Wellbeing

Do both your vaccinations.

 You are in our thoughts as the number of Covid cases increases. Do be cautious and be safe, and if there is anything I or the Board can help you with, please contact me. You can contact Mrs Tuaopepe directly if you so wish. We are here to support you the best we can.

We are preparing for our students to return to school next Wednesday. We had a staff meeting today to make sure every staff member is in the know of our school expectations. Staff will be on-site on, Monday 15 November to prepare for our students to return on Wednesday 18th November.

Your child’s teacher will email out the Level 3.2 guidelines for your information. These guidelines will be on our website as well. Please familiarise yourself with these.

Your child’s teacher will also contact you no later than Monday 15 November, to ask if your child is going to be back. This is useful for us to prepare accordingly. This information is only for that purpose.

You have the right to keep your child home if you so wish. The staff will continue to upload their learning activities on our website. There will be some teaching on-line, but will be reduced as teachers will also have children at school. We wish for all our students learning to continue despite the ongoing disruptions.

Staff on site are fully vaccinated and will need a negative covid test as well to be at school. We respect parents’ rights regarding vaccination, but for our school to be safe for all, we need all those eligible to be fully vaccinated.

As we head to the end of the year we are planning to have our prizegiving on site. Parents and students need to be fully vaccinated to be part of any school event on school site. Year 8 students need to be fully vaccinated to be part of the graduates’ end of year farewell.

Stay safe, stay well and vaccinate for a great family Christmas and New Year.