Room 20 students have been learning about “Dream Big.” They have expressed their big plans for their future by writing their goals, wishes, what they want to be and do when they grow up.

These students are goal-oriented. They are guided by the quote “Dare to dream it, work hard to achieve it.” They have written a poem titled “My Dream.” Their paragraphs on “I Dream” show they are big dreamers. To mention, some students dream to be a teacher,  few boys to be a policeman,  others to have and own a beautiful house and car. Seemingly, they are aware of the significance of preparing themselves to have a stable future. They love to sing the song “I have a dream.” They have read relevant stories like “Amanda, the Dreamer, Piri, All Blacks Dreamer and Hi, Black Child.” They have shown good interest and enthusiasm to learn and do meaningful projects on this topic such as poster-making, short speech, narratives and more.

They believe in “To dream big is a key to successful life.” They encourage one another to follow their dream to be able to reach their “star.”

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