IMG_0779 IMG_0777IMG_0775IMG_0728IMG_0722IMG_0757It was an exciting day for Room 20 students to be  parts of Marae visit, together with Rooms 6, 9, 16, 24 and 25. It happened on 21 June, Thursday when the whole Moana Syndicate went to Papatuanuku Marae in Mangere East to learn about Maori Culture specifically the Powhiri Processes.

Students were all actively involved doing the Maori ways from the wero, karanga, himene, mihi, waiata, hongi, koha, to kai. They were over the moon when they played the Maori games. Here, they fully followed the instructions given by the organisers of the activity, Carlo and Puna. They also learned some Maori words like awa, iwi, rangitira, maunga and waka, but most of all good “camaraderie” with classmates and other students. The other session was educational. It was run by Valerie who showed the effects of too much rubbish here on earth and discussed how to reduce it. As usual, students showed good interest in learning the 3 R’s, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

It was a worth-attending session. In connection with this, Room 20 will be writing a recount of their visit to the place. They are expected to recall and write the highlights of the events in order, use important Maori words and verb in the past tense. In short, they have to write in paragraphs showing their Orientation, Middle and Conclusion. The good writers can’t wait to show their talent.