Thursday, 23 April 2015                       Angel  Makapatama Visit to my Uncles New House

On the holidays I went to my uncles new house they got.  I went with my whole family because he wanted to have lunch.

firstly,we got change and wanted for awhile.then we got to my uncles house it took two hours to get was a beautiful house and the cool part is when you go to my uncles room it because next to his room is the spa pool.

Next,we had the pray and had dinner and talked then we watched the rugby on Sky TV. Our team won it.  When we finished we went outside and talked. Then we had chocolate slice that my aunty made earlier.   It was yummy.

Then,we played outside and I was playing with my uncles  and then me and my brother pick some fruit of the tree and put it in the car.

Finally,we went inside and said a prayer and said our goodbyes then we went back home and put everything away and went to sleep.