Wednesday, 29 April 2015                 Azahryus Misiniu

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One morning at kiwican with Mrs Pritchard we did our energizer in the river and in the bank it really warmed me up.

After that we talked about positive relationships and positive communications Then Mr O came  for a little while with Mrs Rahiti and said that Mr O is Tonys’ brother.

Next was our activity and it was called do this do that then we had GKQ(good kiwi questions) and Mrs Pritchard said asked questions I got two right and one wrong and wiki was in the lead.

Now it was over then we left had a little water then went back to our classroom we learned how to talk,listen and ask questions I felt great after kiwi can and i cant wait for next week and the thing that i enjoyed most was GKQ.

Finally I think that we should go kiwi can everyday.