The faith of our Tongan community has been truly tested with the outbreak of Omicron in the kingdom on the top of the volcanic eruption and tsunami. Our prayers are with you all and hold fast to your faith. We are here to help!

BOT Update

  1. Support for our Sister Schools. 

The Board of Trustees approved sending aid to our sister schools in Tonga. The board agrees to send aid to Toloa College as well as Queen Salote. Toloa College hosted us for a day when I was there with Sia Ua. We will seek support from the education community and there have been pledges of support from schools across Auckland. There will be a meeting of Tongan parents on Wednesday 16 February.

2. Vaccination of 5-11 Year Olds

The Board of Trustees would like parents to consider vaccinating their children. There will be vaccination drives at school for parents and students. These vaccination dates will be communicated to parents once they are confirmed.

3. The new classrooms will be blessed on Tuesday 15 February. The ceremony will start around 6:00 am.

4. Please be reminded that students twelve (12) and over are to be fully vaccinated to be at school. There is a grace period of 3 weeks from the first to the second dose.

Parents on school grounds.

School is only open for teachers and students.  Parents are not allowed to be on school grounds to drop off their children to their classrooms, we are trying to limit the contact as much as possible.  If parents are wanting to come to the office, they need to be double vaccinated and they only go straight to the office.  

School Attendance.

It is so wonderful to see many of our students returning to school. We have protocols and practices in place to make sure our students are safe. Look forward to having all our students back in the near future.

Leadership Camp

The camp will be from next Tuesday 8th to Friday 11th. I apologise for the late change. Students twelve (12) and over need to be fully vaccinated to be at camp. Again those who have just turned twelve (12) need to have one vaccination to attend. Student leaders for 2022 will be confirmed at camp.

Meet and Greet

This is planned for Wednesday 16 of February. Teachers will inform and invite parents in advance. Look forward to it.  More information to follow in the coming weeks.