It is Writing time! Room 20 is excited to express and share in writing their ideas with the group mates. The class talks about the structure and language features of the text type. It can be explanation, recount, descriptive and narrative. Then, teacher and students do the success criteria.

Writing a draft is their favourite part. They brainstorm the topic. Each student contributes his or her idea regarding the topic. By group, they start composing, first, the Introduction with 5 W’s questions in their mind. It is followed by the Middle paragraph which answers or explains the topic. The last part is Conclusion which contains what they feel or think about the topic. It is not over yet! The final stage is proofreading or editing. The highlight is the group presentation. This part shows how proud and confident they are, standing in front of their classmates and reading their work.

After teacher’s conferencing, students write a final copy of their writing masterpiece. It gives a good feeling, seeing these students working together on writing. To them, Writing is a great way of doing mental exercise.