Room 20 had a great time learning two maths strands, measurement and statistics (probability). On measurement, students learned some measuring units like centimetres, metres, millimetres, grams, kilograms and litres. They interestingly explored this lesson by measuring the lengths, widths, and heights as well as volume and capacity of selected objects. Highlights of the lesson was when they estimated and weighed solid materials such as sand and seeds using small boxes which they made and paper cups. They made comparisons between estimated and actual weights of such objects and simple conclusions.

On probability, students learned to roll dice and toss coins using maths technical vocabularies such as good chance, fair chance, poor chance, possible, impossible, same, different, and possibility. They learned to make possibilities(guesses) and compare them with actual outcomes. Here, they used their good thinking to explain their findings.

It’s worth observing these students working together as a group, confidently sharing their mathematical ideas with one another and obviously enjoying what they were doing. Truly, they had interesting sessions discovering and learning their lessons.