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Room 20 students are currently learning simple speech writing in Spanish. They are motivated to use basic vocabulary they previously learned such as Me llamo( My name is), Soy de(I am from), Tengo(I have), Mi padre and madre(My father and mother), Yo soy(I am), Mi pelo(My hair), Mis ojos(My eyes). To complete the sentences, they are encouraged to use adjectives(adjetivos) that describe their height, weight, social, mental, and emotional characteristics. Examples of these words are alto(tall), medium(mediano),bajo(small), delgado(thin), gordito(fat), inteligente(intelligent), simpatico(nice), guapo(handsome), bueno(good), gracioso(gracious), deportivo(sporty), trabajador(hardworking), and many more.

These students love the languages they learn. They are keen to present their speech to classmates and school authority. They are proud of what they have done and learned.

To them, learning a foreign language makes them so gifted.