All hyped up for their tournament, but we weren’t even there yet which was a pain in the head because every single boy in the bus was singing all sorts of songs from “Let it go” to “Despacito.”


We eventually arrived at our destination and saw a whole bunch of boys in little groups talking amongst themselves, but I’m pretty sure they stopped talking when they saw they saw the best school walk in with their teachers beside them (Mr Katafono and Tony).


Their first game was about to start, and they were getting to their places until the sound of the horn echoed the court, the game was off, and the ball was flying like a bird, left to right, in and out. The game was intense until we scored the first “GOAL.”            


The game carried on and half of the time I could not even see the ball because of their firm passes. Goals were happening from the other team as well until finally, the last horn went off, the game ended and the boys shook hands but sadly lost their first game.


Everyone rushed out to get something to eat, but little did they know that their next game was next. The horn went off and the game was about to start, everyone ran to the court as fast as they could and was just in time.


Their second game started, and the ball was flying once again, but this time it was flying straight not down and then “BANG.”

It was our first goal. After that goal, the ball was getting in the goal one after the other, until the horn went off for half time.


Quick pep talk until the start of the next half, the game was on, and the points were close, just like Sun and Mercury.

Everyone was huffing and puffing until the last horn went off, “THEY WON.”

This game was more intense than the first, but there were only two more games left.  


The last two games were not as exciting as the second one because they won one and lost the last. The day was up, and we were all packing up until we heard the announcement we had one more game for places third and fourth, and they were against De La Salle.


This game was better than the last games, the ball was flying like before, and goals were going in from both sides until that horn had to ruin it, they jogged their way to set up, and that horn went off, again. The game was nail biting, who was going win? Until that horn came back and the game was over, “SUTTON PARK CAME THIRD.”


It was an exciting day out with the boys, seeing all of them trying their best and all of that paid off.



Year 8

Room 10