Here are some things to check for and correct when you are listening to your students:

Do you got? = Have you got? OR Do you have? ( as long as you use ‘have’ in some place it is correct)

Off the light! = Turn off the light! (off is not a verb)

I done it. = I did it or I have done it.

That’s mean…. =That means….( and ‘it means’)

What does it means = What does it mean (the ‘s’ is in the does so not needed on the mean)

How much kids? =How many kids? (if you can count the things it is ‘many’)

How it looks like = How it looks (adjective answer) What it looks like (noun answer)

Do you know what is the time?=Do you know what the time is? (the underlined part is NOT a question it is a noun clause)

Do you know where is the fruit? =Do you know where the fruit is?

If I would have seen it, I would have done it = If I had seen it I would have done it.